outlook with a domain account and a MS ID

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I've got a problem


I've owned domain for years, and various members of the faimly have name@domain email addresses and are using them as MS ID's. In the past when MS allowed free custom domains in outlook.com I set this up, so  name@domain is accessable on outlook.com, has been accessable with sync in outlook on PC's. Recently ( Since sept ) when I login to MS I get prompted by a box that asks me to select my work or school managed ID or my MS ID. This works fine on the web as I get prompted to choose, and for some reason windows mail deals with it ( it's the account I sign in with, which was also no issue to setup ), but outlook just fails, I've tried selecting every mail option and each still fails, sometimes prompting me for encryption


I could change email address, etc, but I'm concerned about the risk to my files on onedrive and email, which goes back some time


Ironically outlook on my mac works fine 


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