Outlook will not open after adding a brand new Outlook mail account

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I am losing my current email address that I use in the Outlook application.  At the website outlook.com, I created a new email  Email address removed .  The new email address showed up as "Email address removed. I was prompted to create an alias which I did.  I added the new email address to the Outlook application which shows up as an Exchange address whereas my previous (and still active) email was SMTP.  I used GMAIL to send an email to Email address removed - never arrived.  I tried to send Email address removed - rejected.  I tried to use Outlook to send email to my GMAIL account - never left OUTBOX.

I restarted Outlook and it said my Exchange account was missing information, then said system resources low, then said could not open folders, and then aborted.  Same happens in SAFE mode. 

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