Outlook web stuck on loading page + Outlook app on laptop crashes at startup.

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Today I was chatting with a Microsoft employee named Phil (thanks again, sir), who was kind enough to try to help me outside of his expertise, on the following issue: Since a few days ago, the Outlook web page would not load anymore on my pc on any browser. Since today, it would also happen on my laptop, however, my outlook-based college account does still work on my laptop, unlike on my pc. Via my laptop, booting up the outlook app is a no-go too since about the same time. I can only reach my personal outlook account via the outlook app on my pc, and via my standard mail app on my Galaxy S8.


According to Phil, it might have been something about the Hotmail server shutting down access via several devices (browsers being counted as such too).


As I was checking down detector, at the time the issue first occurred, I got word of (on that specific day) Microsoft was having issues with an update on outlook in the Benelux region, where I'm based. That's why I waited it out until today.  


I am unable to reach the outlook team as contact to them as a non-business user requires to fill in a form on the website I am unable to browse to at the moment.


To be extra clear, I don't have acces to the entire outlook site except my college inbox via my laptop. The website get's stuck on the loading screen, where the blue envelope keeps stuck in it's animation. Detail: this was first the case on my pc too, so I'm afraid that when my browser needs an update, I might lose that as well. 


I already deleted my browser history and cache and this did nothing. 

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