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I use Outlook email in the browser and messages are displayed in three columns in the following order:

From | Subject | Received

When I hover my mouse over a row, some icons appear: Mark as Read, Flag, Pin, and Delete.

Those icons have been in the far left column for as long as I can remember. One day, the icons started appearing in the far right column.

I cannot seem to either move the icons or move the Received column, which currently contains the icons, to the far left side.

Does anyone know what might have happened and how to get it back to how it was?

Thank you!

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As of May 2022, Microsoft has indeed moved the Quick Action icons' location from between the Sender's name and Subject columns. You are correct; it now appears in the Receive Column on the far-right side of the screen when you hover over it.


This change is by design. At this time, you cannot change the location. 


I recommend that you and anyone reading this thread give Microsoft your feedback directly. See the instructions below.


traccreations4e ms feedback.png



If you have found this information helpful (even though, you may disagree with Microsoft's decision), please like this post. 





Thank you very much, Teresa, for your reply.
It is so unfortunate that Microsoft forces a change without providing options.
Best regards.