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In Outlook web's new layout the arrows to go to the next or previous messages are gone. Is anyone experiencing this?

Now, with the new options ribbon there's no way to show them or bring them back. Since I use the layout without reading pane, it is really frustrating to go back to Inbox and then open the next email that I want to read.

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They weren't thinking, at all.

@kanonkosmos I am having the same issue the arrows that were in the top right are gone I read that on-line if you press ctrl . period it moves but that is a pain to do this and time consuming please help bring back the up down arrows.

This does not work for me. I would hate to have to change primary email account but do have gmail and yahoo accounts that I could switch to over time. Is windows switching to smartphone only support?

Hi @seljer 


Make sure you have specified Outlook or keyboard shortcuts through Outlook settings for Outlook on the web app. Then the Ctrl + , (common) and Ctl + . (period), should work.


You didn't mention which app you were using but if you are using the Outlook desktop app which contains the Flag & Delete icons with the reading pane, the shortcut keys are Alt + arrow up or Alt + arrow down.


As far as Microsoft support, I am an independent advisor.  If you want support from Microsoft, you can submit a ticket by completing the steps below.


  • For Microsoft 365 Subscribers, navigate to home page.
  • Select Admin | Support | From the dropdown menu, Choose New Service Request 
  • Type in your problem which provide some suggestions (no way around this step)
  • At the bottom of the screen, select Contact Support
  • A Microsoft agent will contact you directly. (I have contacted them on several occasions.)

For this type of issue, the missing arrows, it appears to be by MS design. So, you can give MS feedback with hope to influence change. Just remember I am a user too. This change impacted me as well.  So people be kind to me. I'm on your side!





Thanks.  The enable shortcuts in outlook was the key.  The shortcuts now work.

Spent a good deal of time with Microsoft support and they did not solve the problem.

Microsoft indicated that they are now aware of and working on this problem.@Teresa_Cyrus 

Glad to hear that enabling the shortcuts helped. Please like the previous post, which will help others.

Have a good day.

The next/prev arrows were moved to the right margin before they disappeared. Using Next/Prev arrows are fundamental funtionality - Microsoft blew this one big time. They should be returned to their previous position (near left margin) so one doesn't have to move their cursur back and forth across the screen.
yes. it's very irritating.
My arrows are back :o)
Good news. Hope the rest of us get them soon.
Just got mine! Woo hoo!! (total geek moment!)
When I turned the desktop on today. The next/previous arrows are now present. So much more convenient.
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Microsoft users reported that the Outlook Next and Previous icons which advanced between messages were missing. Now they are Back!

Since June 14th, many angry Microsoft Outlook users have complained about the inconvenience of navigating between emails. 

The bottom line is Microsoft listened to the users and returned the up and down arrows.

Watch the detailed video on because there are still some availability limitations.

If you are glad the up and down arrows have returned, give me a thumbs up.

Blog Post & video:


Thanks to @kanonkosmos for the initial post.
And shoutouts to @RichieB785@thomascybersecureus, and @seljer for giving the update that the arrows are back.


I am glad they are back, but I still wonder what the heck they were thinking?! Who thought that was a good idea??
I saw them "mysteriously" return yesterday mid-day. Did the happy dance. But yet, wtf were they thinking, and I love how quietly they slipped them back in!
Not sure why I didn't think of this earlier, but with some people starting to see the next/prev arrows while others don't - it's due to how long they hang on to cache for Outlook. If you don't see them yet, open an email in Outlook and perform CTRL+F5 to reload the page without using your existing cache. Duh!!!


Don't know if anyone will see this 5 months after the post but I figured out how to get the next/previous email arrows back.

Inside the full settings, go to "layout" (it's the first group of settings). Scroll down to "Reading Pane" and choose "hide reading pane." After you save and close out settings, you'll only see your list of emails. Once you click on an email, you'll see "previous" and "next" on the far right side of the top ribbon. Note that they will stay there as long as you have an actual email opened, no matter which ribbon layout you use (classic or simplified). 


Thanks, I did see it because the disappearance of the next/previous email arrows only just happened to me overnight with a weird update of the top ribbon (a whole lot of options I don't need or want). However I now have the words Previous and Next to the top left in an open email, so all is OK.
Update to my previous comment - I've just realised that I now have to always scroll to the top of the body of the email to get to Previous and Next because it's in the header of the email rather than on the ribbon above the email - very annoying! So it's actually quicker to use the keyboard shortcuts suggested earlier in the thread. I hope Microsoft is reading this feedback.