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In Outlook web's new layout the arrows to go to the next or previous messages are gone. Is anyone experiencing this?

Now, with the new options ribbon there's no way to show them or bring them back. Since I use the layout without reading pane, it is really frustrating to go back to Inbox and then open the next email that I want to read.

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Same!!!! Question, was your OWA updated last night too? Mine did and I now have a "View" tab at the top, and it RUINED my injected CSS. :'( I literally see nothing that has changed other than that tab and the removal of the arrows.
Yes, it was updated last night and I don't see an option to return to the previous layout.
I have the same new tabs. "Home" and "View".
Dang... I was really hoping it was a setting I ticked on accident. :\ Sorry mate, we have to suffer for now.
What is interesting is that it seems to happen only in 365 accounts, because my standard personal still has the original layout. Unless they plan to roll out that update for everyone.
Here's what's REALLY weird: this is my work account, and none of my co-workers were affected lol. And my UNF email account wasn't either.
That is weird. Could it be only a test for some users?
I sent feedback anyway, to describe the issues.
Okay... so... it just went away. I have no idea why/how, but it's gone now... what about yours?
Well, yes, that's right!
Unfortunately it went back again to the changed design with the new tabs and no previous/next message arrows :(
Same thing happening to me. It's very troublesome, to say the least. I hope to find a solution soon.

@kanonkosmos Microsoft's online email is infuriating.  I am stuck using it because my company chose them, but it has been nothing but trouble since day one.  This missing next/previous item arrow is just the latest.  Just a few months ago, Microsoft LOST all of my data including emails, calendar items, contacts, and over 100 tasks that I was tracking for my job.  They wrongly deactivated my account, and when I noticed it was down I called MS support and they reinstated the account within 12 hours of the deactivation, but all data was GONE.  It cost my company big contracts and even caused us to have to let a couple of people go due to lost work.  Microsoft had no explanation as to how it happened, no solutions, and I never got anything recovered.  How the hell does a company like Microsoft not have at least a 10-day data retention policy for cases where an account is wrongly or accidentally deactivated?!?  The level of incompetence is staggering, to say the least.

What in the heck were they thinking?!? UGH. This is the straw that breaks this camel's back.

This is after MS lost my data (emails, calendar items, contacts, and over 100 ToDo tasks) back in February when they wrongly deactivated my account. They turned it off right in the middle of me checking emails so I noticed it within minutes of the deactivation. I quickly contacted M365 business support and they recognized their mistake, then reinstated the account within 12 hours of the deactivation. However, my data was already scrubbed from the servers. MS support never explained how or why my account was deactivated and was never able to recover my data, nor did they offer any concession for their mistake. How does MS not have a minimum default data retention policy of at least 7-10 days?! This seems like a gross oversight.

I am going back to GW. In 20 years of IT administration and support, they have never let me down. Not trying to be a jerk but there does not seem to be much thought going into the way things are being done at MS these days.
YES it's driving me crazy! I only use (not desktop version) and after viewing an email I have to go back to list to progress to the next (unless I delete the email I'm currently viewing).



I don't understand why they removed missing next/previous email arrows. 

A workaround would be to use keyboard shortcut CTRL+ for previous, and CTRL+. for next mail, 

but still, I don't like it. 

Really, what were they thinking? I can't imagine they took a poll & users said "sure, get rid of those next/previous arrows". How can we get them back? This has encouraged me to improve my keyboard shortcut skills.

Great Tip: Next/Previous Shortcut clarity

Next = Ctrl + . (period)
Previous = Ctrl + , (comma)

@Teresa_Cyrus I appreciate the tip immensely and am using it. Thanks


BUT:  MICROSOFT this is BS! RETURN THE DARN ARROWS.  Why wouldn't your customers want to navigate with their mouse, etc. 


I agree with you at 100%. I encourage you and all others on this thread to give Microsoft the feedback directly. They have a team that reviews the feedback portal.  


traccreations4e ms feedback.png


I have, and they have called me back once a week for the past 4 months just to tell me they have no solution and no way to fix it. Forget these jokers, I'm going back to GW.
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Microsoft users reported that the Outlook Next and Previous icons which advanced between messages were missing. Now they are Back!

Since June 14th, many angry Microsoft Outlook users have complained about the inconvenience of navigating between emails. 

The bottom line is Microsoft listened to the users and returned the up and down arrows.

Watch the detailed video on because there are still some availability limitations.

If you are glad the up and down arrows have returned, give me a thumbs up.

Blog Post & video:


Thanks to @kanonkosmos for the initial post.
And shoutouts to @RichieB785@thomascybersecureus, and @seljer for giving the update that the arrows are back.


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