Outlook Web App (OWA) will not save folder pane preference as "show"

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I use the Outlook Web App for the work email. Like many others I've been trying to get used to the clunky new user interface that was introduced this year.


Issue: folder pane along the side of the window is "hidden" by default. I change it to "show" but the second I close the browser and reopen it later it is hidden again. This is driving me insane because I drag/drop emails into folders to keep my inbox clean and up to date. 


Browser: I'm using Chrome, but when I open it in Edge this also happens. 


Troubleshooting I've done: I have logged out of the account and back into it. I have cleared the cache/cookies on my browser and then logged back into the account. I've scrolled through all the settings in "advanced settings" looking for anything that might fix this layout issue and I just can't find anything. 


I do not use outlook desktop app because it is laggy and prone to crashing. This is frustrating to me because I can usually figure out how to make outlook work like I need it to, but since the OWA update, so many options are either completely gone, or there is a ridiculously circuitous route to get to them now.



Menu Bar

Screenshot 2022-12-01 161521.jpg

Sidebar when Folder pane is hidden by default

Screenshot 2022-12-01 161621.jpg

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