Outlook view default issue

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Hi there. First time user so bear with me. I have two inboxes that I access and when I view one inbox, outlook resets to the default view when I return to view the other. I prefer to set view to single. But outlook resets to compact every time I switch from one inbox to the other. My IT department can't help and I have tried googling an answer to no avail. I'd really appreciate it if someone could solve this issue as it is extremely frustrating. Thanks Janey235
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@Janey235  The views can reset to the default when you view a folder that is using the default view and switch to one using a custom view. For best results, you should create a custom view.  

@Diane PoremskyThanks for your reply. I have 'single view' selected in my own inbox folder and when switching back to this inbox there is no problem.  the single view remains.  I had already created a custom view for the other inbox I use but this needs to be selected each time I view this inbox.  This is the problem as I am in this inbox more than my own.  Is there a way to make the custom view the new default?