Outlook verification

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my outlook on my windows 10 computer alerted me that I needed to reinstall it. I reinstalled all of office 365.
Now when I open outlook it asks me to verify I pay or own the software. Until I verify it all email going in or out stops.
When I use my email and password to verify my account. My account says I own the key for outlook 2013. That key will not verify my outlook 365.
So when I look at my office 365 monthly bill, Microsoft uses a different email, .onmicrosoft.com, as my user name. When I log into that email address and password that account shows I pay for 365 and I can now verify the software so that I can use it.
This works for 3 or 4 days then my outlook reverts back to asking my to verify my software and stops all my incoming and outgoing emails.
How do I fix this? Where did the ot
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