Outlook (v4.5) on iOS Click to Dial Broken

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It seems that for phone numbers that are within the Location field in Outlook v4.5 (iOS), they no longer allow for click to dial. Not quite certain if this is a bug introduced in Outlook for iOS v4.5 or a coincidence of upgrading to iOS 13.1.2... or an InTune configuration setting misapplied.


Anyone happen to have insight on this one as to if this is iOS or InTune causing the problem, or if indeed it's an Outlook iOS app issue that hopefully will be corrected soon?

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After doing a little more testing, this seems to be an issue for Azure Active Directory / E Plan backed accounts.  Live IDs added to Outlook app don't seem to have any issue with click to dial.

@Dan Usher I'm experiencing this as well. I've submitted a request to the Helpdesk through the outlook app, but so far have no answers. 


One work around is to paste the phone number in the notes/body of the appointment, at that does allow for one-touch dial. Another suggestions that has not worked for me, is to use another meeting dialing app, but I have not found one to sync with my outlook calendar. 

@Sandy435 while that's a workaround, that's not very scalable when organizations don't recognize it's an issue and continue to only put dial in numbers in the location field.