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Hi I am trying to change the way my team works with emails. Currently there are a number of shared inboxes and there is loads of duplication, lack of consistency etc. As part of a wider project I want to build a number of templates that customers will have to complete (depending on the subject) before we will process the request to make sure we have the right information first time. I am fine with building the basic template but want to know two things:


a) How I can insert pictures/ formatting into the template so I can brand it properly

b) How I can make sure that key words go into the subject line before it is returned to us e.g. Work Order Request- (Customer Name)


The last part is important as there will be a number of auto replies/ rules set up to triage the template out from the shared inbox into the right persons personal inbox.


It's also be helpful to know how I share this suite of templates with our customers so they save into their templates. Does all of that make sense?



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What is your Mail server? On-Prem Exchange, Exchange Online or Office 365?

If you have heavy mail traffic, it is useful to use the help desk software for this process and you can get a detailed help desk report at the end of the month.

If you have a budget problem, you can solve it with open Source software.

But if you want to solve with outlook. First, you need to set up your mail groups and the necessary Title Information well. You need to plan which group and which title will give an automatic response. I think first create a topology. I can help you.
Thanks. Its Office 365. It's company email so I don't have much control over enabling add-ins and the like. What you are saying makes sense. How would I do that? I'd really appreciate your help. Thank you!
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