Outlook stays on top (by mistake)

Jørgen Koch
Regular Contributor

After activating the "Aktivér LinkedIn-funktioner i mine Office-programmer" (Danish) in Outlook it stays on top and you have to minimize Outlook to see other windows behind it.


When deactivating it again, it works normally.


Version : 1810 (11001.20108)

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Since I'm on older build and cannot test this, pinging @Diane Poremsky :)


Does it work correctly if you disable that option?


I have not seen any issues with the LinkedIn integration - but know enabling reminders always on top (Options > Advanced) or setting the windows task bar to the top of the screen causes undesirable behavior. 


Yeah, it works fine when the option is deactivated.


The Reminders always on top is not activated and the Windows task bar is set as normal it can be.


I searched the internet and found it has been a problem since back when you introduced the Social Connector ...

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