Outlook Showing 2 Inboxes by Default

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I have a problem in Outlook where two Inboxes are being created for every e-mail account. "Inbox 1" is receiving e-mails, but has no folders underneath it. "Inbox 2" shows no e-mails, but has the usual list of folders underneath it (Drafts, Sent, Trash, Spam, etc).


When I delete an unread e-mail from Inbox 1 I know it goes to the Trash folder under Inbox 2, because it's counter goes up. However, when I open that Trash folder it doesn't show any e-mails. If I save a draft it goes into Inbox 2's Draft folder and the draft is displayed when I open the folder, contrary to the deleted e-mails.


I made a PST backup file and deleted one of the problematic e-mail accounts (there's 2, both having the same issue). When I create a new account, enter all the IMAP info and finish configuring the new account Outlook automatically creates 2 inboxes again and behaves like I described in the last paragraph. Right-clicking Inbox 1 does not allow me to delete it (grayed out) and right clicking Inbox 2 and try to delete it gives an error saying "A folder cannot be moved to one of it's subfolders".



Now, after reconfiguring the new account, I tried to import the PST backup made earlier. Outlook apparently does import it, because the old personalized folders show up under Inbox 2 and the OST file in ProgramData gets much larger, but after importing Outlook simply does not show any e-mails in any folder at all anymore.


I opened (just open, not import) the PST file in Outlook and the e-mails are shown, so I know they are there, but Outlook doesn't display them when imported. Sending and recieving e-mails works normally thoughout all this. I have not found any other discussions similar enough online. I have also tried /resetfoldernames and nothing happens.

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