outlook shared mail box - how to manage tasks / actions and emails in a shared email box

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Hi I am using outlook version 2306. We have a shared mail box shared between about six of us.  Relatively low volume of emails, it has just been set up.  The emails will have actionable tasks associated with them.  I'm looking for a relatively easy way of tracking emails and tasks within.  I was  thinking of just dragging and dropping the email to task list but I think this task list is just for the individual not for the group? 


I've see there is a tasks feature in teams.  I do not know whether I can import an email into teams therefore a task.  


I think I should add, I need a way of still best practice in triage the emails, which I guess could be a simple folder system.  

Any suggestions please. than you Zoe

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Hi @zj215


You can create Groups in the To-Do. Create a task list for each person within the Group and drag the email/task under the group's name.



While in New Outlook or Web versions, you can easily add, review, and monitor tasks via My Day Tab.



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