Outlook Shared Calendar appointment disappears after you create it

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We have an issue where if we create an appointment it disappears on the Outlook Calendar after a few seconds. None of the attendees also receives the invitation, its as if it wasn't created. I then went to account settings and then turned off the "download shared folders" and then removed the tick from the checkbox "Turn on shared calendar Improvements"


It seems to work and keep appointments however it messes up your date and time settings on Outlook and makes calendar so slow.


Is there a better solution for this?

Must I just remove the account and add it again and change the settings back?


Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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I am an independent advisor investigating and responding to Outlook inquiries.


Outlook appointment disappearance is a known issue. I found articles dating as far as 2018. However, Microsoft has recently updated its documentation as July 2022 to improve this performance. They recommend that an IT administrator make the registry and/or policies changes.


Pass this article to your IT Administrator: Manage download settings for shared mail folders in Cached Exchange mode in Outlook


Turn on the shared calendar Improvements: This setting provides permission consistency, shared calendar invitation acceptance, and instant syncing to all devices. So, it is safe to enable this syncing. The link to this blog post provides additional details about this setting.
Outlook Exchange Shared Calendar Improvements (traccreations4e.com)

Now, why was the date impacted? I have no clue. :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:  I will take two out of three - not bad.


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