Outlook Share to Teams - no message body

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Has anyone had any trouble with the Share to Teams button feature in Outlook?

I am able to identify Teams and chats to move an email to, but the email body and attachments are not appearing in "Share something to say about this" text field.

All that shows up in my Team is if I manually add any text.


FWIW, I'm using an Office 365 Proplus account.



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@EdouardRenard I've tried and clicked the option "Share to Teams" from outlook but the complete email is not going to Teams channel. Only the text which I typed is posted in Teams channel.


Tried this workaround,

In Teams, right-click the destination channel.

Select "Get email address" and copy it.

Send the Outlook item (email) to the copied address and it will post the email to Teams channel.


But this is not exact solution for using the "Share to Teams" feature.

@Tamilarasan1114 I am having the same problem - no email body or attachments show in teams - and your workaround is noted.  I wish it would be properly addressed by MS though.  The Trello integration with Outlook works perfectly, so I know they can make it happen.  The Teams updates have been coming out pretty regularly, so I am hoping this starts functioning properly soon.


We are seeing the same issue with the Outlook 2016 client. If I go into Outlook on the web the feature works as expected. I would like to see this working in the client without any workarounds.

Same problem here. 
Is there a fix for this issue?

I'm having the same issue ... 

I am having intermittent issues with the Share to Teams button - it doesn't always allow me to share to chats - says 'We didnt find any matches."

Did anyone find a solution to this. I am having the same issue with New Outlook for MAC. Add-ins were not supported earlier but with the new release its now enabled but then Teams Add-in does not work .. just blank message..

It is mid-June, and the rollout of this feature has still not reached me. These rollouts, which take half a year, make me so tired.



Still having issues, I hope they fix it soon!