Outlook Settings Search Terms for Group as Conversation

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This post is primarily for discussion and requesting your feedback portal vote at the end.


I like using Outlook Online Settings search. It is one of my favorite functions. Sometimes, I don't know where the settings are grouped, even as a Microsoft Mentor. I click and scroll through pages until I stumble across the feature. 


The ability to type a keyword or phrase and the system navigates to the topic is awesome! 


However, some of the keywords or phrases are not intuitive. For example, Group as Conversation feature has several names. 

  • Group as conversations, Group into conversations, 
  • The desktop version is known as "Show as Conversation." 

But yet, the search term is Message organization. I have been getting a lot of feedback from my annoyed clients.



I have added this information to the feedback portal. Please vote and add any search terms you would like for better clarity.

Feedback Portal: Outlook Settings Search Terms for Group as Conversation · Community (microsoft.com)

Your comments are welcome but please be kind. :lol:


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