Outlook Search - Searching Archives provides no results.

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Since Friday, I have had several users reporting the option to search their archives has since been broken. Checked my machine and verified.  When searching archives, no results are found even though I am searching for items that are definitely present. Note, this does not seem related to the the Service ID EX202959 as users are able to access their archives.  Just cannot search for any items.  


Already tried a variety of client troubleshooting even though this seems to be spreading through our office. I believe it is with a recent update since it all started last Friday. Support hasnt found anything so far.   


Client troubleshooting so far: 

Reindexed, Recreated Outlook Profile, Safe Mode, Disabled Windows Searched via Registry, Restarted Windows Search, Repaired Office, Removed and reinstalled Office. (just to name a few).  


Most users are on 2003 of Outlook (Monthly Targetted). All desktops are running 1909 of Windows 10. (10.0.18363.657). Advance search works. I can search the primary mailbox and I can user Search in OWA. 


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Seems this is an isolated issue as I havent found anyone else having issues outside our Org or maybe no one searches multiple mailboxes while using either the Insider Slow or Fast rings... I can confirm that the issue is related to 2020 builds of Outlook. Rolling back to 2019 Dec build, the issue is not present. Office support has been lacking so far only to return with a single scripted response every 24 hours. Sometimes Microsoft support can be very lacking.