Outlook Search Returns Incorrect Results.


I use the search function to clean out my inbox. The search function is not returning correct results when I search some of my emails. Not all, but some return incorrect. I have rebuilt the indexing several times and the rebuild does not improve.


Here is a screenshot of my results when I search "Facebook"




I hope the link works. I am unable to insert an image for some reason.

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Hi @RonRock,


I am an independent advisor answering Outlook questions.


I reviewed your screenshot.  Here are several suggestions to try.


  1. The search limit is 250 results. Since you are searching All Mailboxes, it may exceed the limit.  Check the search limit (File | Options | Search | Uncheck Improve Search Speed



2. Also, Change All Mailboxes to the Current Inbox.Teresa_Cyrus_0-1667266222827.png


3. For social media emails, I try using "@facebook" or "facebookmail"?  You should not have to do this since you are adding the keyword in the From Field. 


Let me know the outcome.


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