Outlook Search not showing Recent Emails in windows 8.1 and outlook 2010 after Jan 2022 update....

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I still have a few systems running windows 8.1 pro .


After the Jan 2022 update search seems to be  broken and does not show emails of Jan 2022.
I can see results displayed of emails from  Feb 2022 and Dec 2022. emails shown in the search.
Jan 2022 seems are missing in the search , all was working fine before the updates a few minutes earlier.
I  can see the emails physically in the inbox of  the person  i was searching for.


So far I have tried.


1. resetting indexing 

2. Also tried creating a new PST.

3. And moved the data to the old PST to New PST manually.
4. Tried uninstalling all the updates installed in this system prior to Jan 22.


still the Jan 2022 emails are not showing.






Any suggestions what to do next please advise.


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That sounds like this problem - https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/outlook-search-not-showing-recent-emails-after-windows-up... - was a windows update installed recently?

You can disable windows search indexing and use the built-in search.
From the File, Options dialog, select the Search page and click on Indexing Options. Click the Modify button and uncheck Microsoft Outlook from the list then click OK.

Dear Diane Poremsky,

Thank you for your reply.

The KB5008212 update is not installed in windows 8.1 as the update KB5008212 Windows 10.
Do you have any idea which update could break the outlook search , i have tried reinstalling all the pending updates but the emails of Jan 22 still do not show.


Also attaching a screenshot of the list of installed updates on the PC.



>> After the Jan 2022 update
Which updates were installed?
(You forgot the screenshot)