Outlook Search not showing Recent Emails (December-2021)

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Hi All,


The outlook search option stopped working properly after WIndows10 update.

The issue has happened after installing a security update from Windows (December 14, 2021—KB5008212).


I had tried re-building the Indexing but it was same. Once the issue started I had searched for the solutions and finally found that recent Windows update has created the issue. I had uninstalled that particular update and the search issue was fixed.


So let us know when the fix will be available for this bug?


KB5008212 Update- Uninstall.jpg

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I have the same problem - I think. I cannot search my emails (on MAc) to get to emails from specific people, nor can I search my contacts.

Indexing newest emails has stopped working about two weeks ago on my standalone Office 2016 home Small Office Ed.


I have rebuild index, still not working.

Repaired office 2016 and rebuild index, still not indexing newest emails.

Scan PST repair files, errors founds, rebuild index, still not indexing latest emails.


Out of ideas on why it stopped indexing newest emails. I have settled to manually "stop" and "Start" the Windows Search Option in "Services" (with Outlook closed) and it seems to temporary fix the indexing newest emails issue until next rebooting.


Anyone else has this issue?