Outlook Search not showing Recent Emails (December-2021)

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Hi All,


The outlook search option stopped working properly after WIndows10 update.

The issue has happened after installing a security update from Windows (December 14, 2021—KB5008212).


I had tried re-building the Indexing but it was same. Once the issue started I had searched for the solutions and finally found that recent Windows update has created the issue. I had uninstalled that particular update and the search issue was fixed.


So let us know when the fix will be available for this bug?


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Same problem here
removing KB5008212 update and restarted the computer worked for me. thanks
@VineeshKV88 your a godsend! Thank you, this worked for me, uninstalling the update, restarting Outlook, and then also a reindexing.

For those still battling, I also had to troubleshoot my indexing in windows (by File-Options-Search-Indexing Options - at the bottom of the box, "Modify" or "Advanced" settings, check the links underneath and it, "Troubleshoot indexing options" mine came back with "Windows Search Option not working" of which I checked the boxes for the errors I was receiving and it troubleshooted successfully, closed outlook, reopened and it started to index around 400 new emails from the previous week

I wish Microsoft would get their @#$% together, Apple never has half as many issues with their software.
Should I uninstall the update or rebuild the index 1st? I have repaired search indexing, restating windows search & restarting pc, this works & outlook start to index but next day again windows search stops & I have to manually do this again & again.

@Aritra_Roy I didn't have to rebuild the index at all. I just uninstalled the 2 most recent updates from the settings (KB5007253 & KB5008212 just to be safe) and then went to the indexing options, used the built-in troubleshooter as below steps, closed outlook, reopened and it worked. 

You have rightly said, the problem is with windows search service which belongs to OS. If we start the outlook in safe mode outlook/safe , you will able to search the all emails but that will take some time. Microsoft should patch the issues as this is world wide issue I believe.

Hello guys, I also have same problem, but whats more I cannot uninstall KB5008212, when i select this update there is no "uninstall" button, what to do then? Console command: wusa /uninstall /kb:5008212

also do not work, there is error which says that this update is neccessary for Windows and cannot be uninstalled

please help




Hi everyone!


I had the same problem as all of you and have been struggling a lot at work due to the high level of emails...the search bar makes it much easier to reply.

Anyway, I end up not doing any of the recommendations above, purely because today, while I was almost uninstalling the update that caused all of this (KB5008212), I noticed there was a new update (21H1) in line. So I deciced to update first before doing anything else, as this update could bring the fix I need it....and guess what? All problems solved!!! My outlook search bar is perfectly working now. Already restarted my laptopp and so far, no more issues!


Hope this solves your problems too!

@fabio_faria I just checked for updates and 21H1 didn't even appear.  I had just uninstalled 8212 before seeing your post, and that didn't fix things for me.  I haven't tried re-indexing yet

Uninstalling 8212 fixed the problem without re-indexing (it just took a little while for it actually happen). I don't see the 21H1 update when I check for updates, but I'm wondering if I will get notified of it without 8212 installed.
same problem here

having the same issue, tried the removal of the update and a reindex still no current index results.


Anyone got any other ideas?



@ACOTech looks like we just have to wait for Microsoft to decide to fix this.  

didn't fix mine and i re-indexed

Yes, same problem but for Windows 11, Outlook 2019, removing security update KB5008215 got outlook search working again (for now) ....was hoping an update would fix this 


@JS452  notice the file explorer search is buggy, freezes etc on windows 11 pro, seems to do it more since removing the update to fix outlook

maybe you should turn off your windows update and disable it before you start uninstalling update
Problem solved after uninstall KB5008212 on Windows 10 or KB5008215 on Windows 11
I have had many problems as of late when trying to search emails that I know i have but the index isnt locating them. I have tried this and it seems to work for me, just stinks that I need to do this every day when I look at my work emails.

Open Outlook to receive all my recent emails.
Once done downloading emails, close Outlook.
Control-Alt-Delete to open Task Manager.
Locate Microsoft Windows Search Indexer.
End that task.
Close Task Manager and re-open Outlook.

After all that, I can now search all my email again and locate all emails, not just older emails.....
Removing 8212 solved the problem for me also. But when a look at available updates, it seems like my computer wants to reinstall it. Is there a way to permanently prevent that from happening? Or should I let it reinstall and then look for the 21H1 update people are talking about?