Outlook Search not showing Recent Emails (December-2021)

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Hi All,


The outlook search option stopped working properly after WIndows10 update.

The issue has happened after installing a security update from Windows (December 14, 2021—KB5008212).


I had tried re-building the Indexing but it was same. Once the issue started I had searched for the solutions and finally found that recent Windows update has created the issue. I had uninstalled that particular update and the search issue was fixed.


So let us know when the fix will be available for this bug?


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Does your search still working?

Last week before christmas I uninstaled update KB5008212 to. After computer restart, all recent emails were indexed and search worked as it should until I made shutdown for pc. The next day when I turned back on PC I found that all new emails were not indexed. Outlook showed 0 items remain to be indexeg but these last emails clearly were not indexed. Then I did restart and run Outlook again, and in search options I saw a number of emails where indexed. As I understand indexing works untill you make a shutdown for your PC, after it indexing stops working. So uninstaling update KB5008212 did not solved the problem.  Microsoft, please give some feedback. In my company there are around 160 users with this problem after update KB5008212.



Good day All,

The same issue here.  Uninstalling update KB5008212 did not solved the problem. After shutdown your computer and turning back on next day newest emails is not indexing at all, though outlook shows 0 items remains to be indexed.  Then If you reboot computer indexing starts working again. Using MS Office 2019 H&B.

@ have same issue form last week (after 17 DEC 2021).

not solve yet.

@VineeshKV88 I have the same issue.  No search results after Dec. 17

Same issue here, any response from Microsoft?
I had the same issue, and this worked.
Before then when I tried to search for something, the most recent results would not appear.
When I checked indexing status, it said everything had been indexed.
I even tried to delete and rebuild index, that did not work.
After I uninstalled that update and restarted my computer. It was actually indexing everything in my email and once it was completed, I was able to search for emails that I had recently received.

Seems there is some problem related to Windows Search Service and Outlook.
I found out that if you reboot Windows Search Service, and then close/open Outlook again, problem is solved, at least untill you reboot (then this problem starts again).
Any ideas on how to bypass this? My company also needs help with this matter.
Any ideas are welcome.

Same too, I have like thousands of email each and can't filter out
Rebuild the Indexing, it should work fine.
Rebuild the Indexing, it should work fine. Rebuild only if its not working even after uninstalling the update KB5008212.
Ya, It worked fine for me as well. Rebuild the Indexing only if its not working even after uninstalling the update KB5008212.
Uninstall the update and restart the system, it should work fine. Rebuild the Indexing only if its not working even after uninstalling the update KB5008212.
@Pernille-Eskebo Any update on the fix for this bug in update?
Selecting ''Include Older Result'' from Search Options every time is not practical. So need a fix from the updates itself.


Microsoft has informed that all users of outlook using older versions of outlook - Outlook 2007, 2010, and Office 2013 versions earlier than 15.0.4971.1000  - will not be able to use soon. I think this update is for this reason only..
Upgrade your outlook to resolve issues..

@VineeshKV88 Uninstalling update KB5008212 and restart. my search working well now


Some websites suggest to do the following, without the need to Uninstall this update: 

Registry Key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ software \ microsoft \ office \ 16.0 \ outlook \ search 
Add Entry DWORD.
Name DWORD: DisableServerAssistedSearch
Value DWORD: 1

Anyone tried this? 

I think the same issue in two different post:

I hope Microsoft will fix this very big problem asap :)