Outlook search no results for IMAP/SMTP accounts

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Hi there,

The search function within Outlook works well for e-mail accounts which are connected over Microsoft exchange (i.e. my outlook  email-address or my work mail). 

Unfortunately, when searching for any term in the body or subject of emails within my IMAP/SMTP accounts  (i.e. gmail), Outlook instantly returns "no results". Despite this, filtering for e-mails with attachment works well.

I have tried everything from uninstalling office to rebuilding the index and couldn't solve it.

Thanks to everybody who has an idea that might be able to help!


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Didn't work for me too so I stumbled on your post. After writing my situation I missed something and that was updating Office within Office itself (File - Office Account - Office Updates). I also checked indexing but after a major freeze and a de-ice, right after clicking on the index button, nothing happend. So I updated Office manually and happy happy joy joy, I can search once again.

Maybe they fixed things between dec 14th or the installed version isn't the most recent version. Anyhow, I would advice you to update Office manually. Not via Windows Update because Windows Update does not update Microsoft (Office) 365 apps even with the option "Receive updates for other Microsoft Products" enabled, go figure. Only .Net, Defender signatures, etc. are getting updates. I hope this will work for you as it worked for me.

Hey Martijn,
I tried it and indeed office had some updates to install.
Unfortunately, they did not resolve the search program. At first I was really happy about the new idea though, as it might have been an old update that broke the search in IMAP accounts for me. It always used to work, until it one day stopped.

Thanks anyways for the help, appreciate it!