Outlook rules - if/and/or statements?

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isn't it about time outlook upgraded their rules so that you didn't have to create separate rules for incoming and out going messages?

Having to create 2 rules every time i want an email to and/or from a certain person to go into a specified folder is surely counter-intuitive and productive.

How hard could it be to re-script it to include 'if', 'and', 'or' statements into the code so that:
IF you receive a message from ContactA OR you send a message to ContactA move that message into ContactA's folder.


Is that not better than separate rules for every person?

My VBscripting back in 2004 could achieve that (can't remember a thing about it now though).


Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


Cheers :)



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create a rule in Outlook:

Click the File tab in the navigation ribbon.
Click Manage Rules & Alerts.
Click New Rule on the E-mail Rules tab in the Rules and Alerts dialog box.
Proceed to Step 1: Select a template.
Choose a template from either the Stay Organized or Stay Up to Date list of rule templates.
Proceed to Step 2: Edit a rule description.
Click on the underlined value.
Click Next.
Choose the message conditions you prefer under Step 1: Select conditions.
Click on presented underlined values from your selected conditions.
Enter in specifics for the underlined values under Step 2: Edit the rule description.
Click Next.
Choose exceptions to the rule under Step 1: Select exception(s).
Click Next.
Choose values for underlined text under Step 2: Edit the rule description.
Click Next.
Enter a name under Step 1: Specify a name for this rule.
Select additional actions under Step 2: Setup rule options.
Click Finish.


err thanks for the copy’n’paste but that just explains how to create a rule. It’s not really what is asked.