Outlook rule to move mail irrespective of date in subject

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Hi. I want to move mails from my Inbox to another folder where mail subject is in following format
"Work from home request by Surya Narayana Korivipadu for date(s) dd-MM-yyyy | Auto-approved"

Here the date will change everyday. Whichever email contains this kind of subject, all such mails should be moved to a another folder irrespective of date in the mail subject
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Just create a rule with condition: subject contains ""Work from home request by".
I want to check the exact position of date and the words "Auto Approved". So I want to check for complete subject and check date with a format
Then you have to create an Outlook macro/add-in or a PowerAutomate flow.
How to add outlook macro/add-in?
I did not say "add". I said "create". In other words, you have to write a piece of code and test it.