Outlook rule for selective forwarding of email received via distribution list

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After trying rules based on different things, searching the internet, etc I can not get a rule to work for this scenario:


Inbound email received from a government entity, sent to our company's distribution list. I am one of several in the distribution list and have no problem receiving the emails. What I would like to do is forward these emails to only a few people who are not part of the distro (and do not need to receive all email to the distro). The from email is like email address removed for privacy reasons. (keyword is the same before and after "@"). The email subjects are varied, so unable to use subject.


Everything I've tried (thus far) doesn't cause the email to auto forward. I've tried the email contains keyword and sent to distro name. I've tried from email contains keyword and to email contains keyword. I've tried sent to user a or b or c (members of distro). I'm not sure what I'm missing to get it working. I have similar rules to move emails sent to another distro I'm part of to a specific folder, and that seems to work fine.


I am wondering if there is some larger setting at play with IT and our parent company. Not sure what I can check on as a regular user that might get this working.


Thanks in advance!


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