Outlook restarts when adding or editing a hyperlink in an email

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Every time I try to add a hyperlink or edit a hyperlink in an email the Insert Hyperlink window will open, then will get a Microsoft Office has stopped working message and Outlook will restart. Have had the issue on multiple laptops, multiple versions of Windows 10, have recreated profiles, and still happens in safe mode. Anyone else seen this issue and know of a resolution?

Office 365 ProPlus

Version 1708 (Build 8431.2236)

Semi-annual Channel

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Is there anything in common between those machines? Are they all part of the same domain/network and if so have you tested on a machine outside of this environment? In general, in addition to safe mode I would advise testing with any AV and other types of scanning software disabled completely, or even uninstalled if possible. Also try with a newly created Windows profile. Running the SaRA tool might detect something, in case you haven't tried it yet.


Other than that, you can also try switching one of those machines to a newer build. If you can still reliably reproduce it, open a support case to get it properly investigated.

Both part of the same domain/network with a domain email account. Have installed same install package on a PC off of the domain/different network and with another email account do not have an issue but unable to test with domain email which the issue following. AV has been removed, new outlook profile, need window profile, have tried repairing office install, rebuilt the laptop and also replaced the laptop and did a clean install from OS to office install. Will give the SaRA tool a try.