Outlook reply messages font size on Mac

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Good Day,


Ever since I changed my email settings from IMAP to POP I have been experiencing the following problem:


When I reply to messages sent to me by clients, the reply font size is normal at my end however when the client receives it the size is 120 even though I've set my settings to 12pt and my zoom settings is also 100%.


See screenshot below.


Screenshot 2022-06-07 at 10.17.56 AM.png

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What are you using for antivirus? If not Microsoft defender, disable email scanning in the antivirus app's control panel and disable any outlook addins it installed.

HI @Diane Poremsky I am using Bitdefender for Mac. Do you perhaps think the issue might be there?


I can't control the settings of Bitdefender as it is part of our company server protection. Is there maybe something else that can cause this (before I contact the IT department).


Thank you for your response.

Oops, I didn't realize sender and receiver were both on mac. Yes, it could be the problem - disable email scanning it in.