outlook refusing to reset my password

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Im trying to log into my other account but outlook is refusing to allow me in.

My username is correct, I KNOW the password is correct and I know the pin is correct. Yet it keeps claiming the password is wrong so I tryed to reset my password putting in every single bit of god dam imformtion and im getting this shity automated reply claiming that its not enouth information.

How can I get past this as there no more **bleep**ing information I can give ALL the information is there and its still saying its not enouth.

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@Marrow1610 having the same issues, microsoft seem to have washed there hands of assisting here, surely there should be a way to email ID to a real person to get it sorted if automated does not work. 

@Marrow1610 - I'm in the same boat. Were you able to contact the support or figure out this issue?