Outlook - Recipients from to line are being removed when multiple users are selected

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While on outlook addresses in the “to” line are removed when copying others and the intended recipient doesn’t receive them.  When I send directly to the person (external), and not copy anyone, it goes through.


Quick update – I was wrong.  I’m noticing the “to” line is being removed sometimes when I’m not copying others.  These almost always are occurring when emailing external people.


What could be the cause of issue? Even better, does anyone have a solution to this issue? 


Also emails are just disappearing in the inbox. Moreover, they do not show up in trash, junk, or spam.


Any suggestions? 

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I have a number of users experiencing this also. We're using Outlook with G Suit Sync, not sure if this would factor into the issue.


Would love some insight if anyone has any?