Outlook re-sync everytime user opens outlook on RDS (WVD)

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This is regarding Outlook Sync issues on RDS (Windows Virtual Desktop)

As session host, I have a win 10 multi-session.



I have told my users to use the Outlook that is assigned through their workspace, so they can integrate  (drag and drop, etc) emails between CRM & Outlook. I had to change some things in Regedit so I could sync ALL emails instead of just one month.

The picture below *Regedit sync* I changed all values from 1 to 12



Now it syncs all emails, great! The only problem now is that I can not open shared mailboxes.

I unchecked the "Download shared folders" and now the shared mailboxes appear.c

The picture below *shared mailbox cache*


Now to the issue.

Problem is that it does not seem to work properly. Whenever a user opens Outlook, it's "resyncing" all emails. So does not matter if it has already sync all emails one time, if the user closes outlook and opens it again it will start synchronization again. 


Ideally, I want to cache all mails, but when I had "Download shared folders" checked, I could not open shared mailboxes.


What to do? Would appreciate any help.



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This is why i unchecked the "download shared folders"



I'm not sure if it's the correct thing to do but it at least made the boxes appear.