Outlook "Show AS" option is not available

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I have a series of meetings. There are all functions work well. 

But when I reschedule a meeting "just ones" from a row. For example, this week a meeting will be on Friday, not on Wednesday like every week. There is, on Friday meeting the "Show AS" option is not available in the top menu and in the drop-down menu.

I noticed this bug on Outlook 2010-2019 with Exchange Server 2016-2019 and CommuniGate Server.


Does it a normal feature for Outlook or I can solve it?

Have you got an explanation for this bug?

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@Julia Foran is the resident calendar guru :)

Thanks for reporting! I agree it should be enabled. I confirmed that you're able to change the Show As from Outlook web, as a workaround until it's fixed in the Windows client.