Outlook Previewer not aligned for PDFs

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As of only recently my Outlook previewer is shifting all PDF files to the left so that only 1/2 of the page is shown.  The complete left side of the page is hidden/cut-off.

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Same problem here although in our case the alignment cuts off the right side of the PDF and leaves a lot of blank space on the left side. Our version is Outlook 365 (version 2202 build 16.0.14931.20128) 64bits

We tried disable/enable PDF preview handlers (there are 2 of them showing in trustcenter\attachement-handling), disabling/enabling email previewpane. Switching previewpane from right to Bottom makes the PDF preview "unreadable" small. My guess is that this happened after an update. Lets hope someone at MS can confirm this. It's driving me nuts....

I've been having the same issue for what seems like months now with no resolution. I'm glad it's not just me but would really appreciate some help or a resolution here. Thank you!

@kvansplunder I had this issue today.. Bottom right hand corner -> display settings -> changed from optimise for performance to optimise for compatibility and now all is working again.

@shnacc This worked!!! Thank you so much!!

@shnacc Thank you so much for the information!!

@kvansplunder still not fixed for me end of june... is this not reported or ?


ah bottom right side, found it.

Bottem left for me. Works perfectly now. Thanks!

@brother_bear Where can I find these settings? In the display settings? Sound like options for the outlook application?

@Falk_Strietzel , on the status bar of outlook, you will find a menu to select for compatibility




Oh, thats not available at my Outlook for M 365, but I found it meanwhile at another place: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/outlook-attachment-preview-failure-88020c8e-43ae-4582-955...
Perfect fix, thank you
I actually had to change mine from compatibility to best appearance.

@hacker64  I tried to look for the display button on task bar. I can't find it.. My outlook mail doesn't align properly.  The part where it says focused below it.the preview panel doesn't alignthe preview panel doesn't align