Outlook OWA spell check not working

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We have had an issue with spellcheck not working on outlook.com/owa for a while now.


In the past I contacted Microsoft support who told me to just spell correctly.  I found if I deleted their local profile and created a new one in AD, when the new profile was created the spellcheck would be working again.


I now have 4 users where spell check doesn't work and my previous fix no longer works.


I've tried googling for an answer but this fault has been around for many years and all possible fixes point to obsolete parts.


So instead of contacting the useless support I thought I'd ask here instead.


Has anybody else come across this?  or have any ideas? cos I've run out.





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Works fine here. It should use the built-in spellcheck in Windows, so check for that.


And go escalate the support agent that gave you such reply :)

It works in most places here too, one of the users experiencing the issue logged onto another PC and that was fine.


Spellcheck works in Office 2016 and it also works on any other website. the issue is only on the outlook OWA.


I've no idea where to look for the settings.


I did escalate the comment from the support agent but nothing happened as usual.

I have this exact same issue. I am going to try deleting my profile in AD, but I have found no answers. I am hoping that someone knows and will reply. 

That should work but will only be a temp fix. I've found that the issue usually comes back after a while.

Anybody heard of a fix for this yet?  Still have to delete local profiles of those getting the spell check error.