Outlook OWA Mail Rules & Message Handling for End user

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I am looking for Rules in OWA -> Settings Cog -> "View All Outlook Settings" -> Email but it is not there.

Also, I have Message Handling but getting a message that it is unable to load. 

Please see attached Screenshot for both:



Please advise If there is a settings disabled in Admin Centre or if the Rules feature is moved/removed? Also please advise on Message Handling Error.



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Access to rules can be disabled via CAS mailbox policies, so best check with your admin.

Hi @Vasil Michev sorry I forgot to add the Rules are enabled in "OwaMailboxPolicy" for the account. I assume you are talking about this specifically in CAS? Please advise.

Yes, the OWA mailbox policy is what I meant. Are you the only one affected by this, or other users too? I cannot think of any other controls that can disable access to Rules, but you might check the Role Assignment policy just in case - the New-InboxRule is part of the MyBaseOptions role, which in turn is part of the default Role assignment policy - perhaps some modifications were made there.
Just in case, try a different browser/private session and try capturing the network trace to see any errors being generated when opening the settings page.
Hi Vasil, it was the MyBaseOptions role that was missing. Thank you for helping me out there.