Outlook OWA Inbox and Sweep Rules Email Forwarding Fails

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Hi Everyone, I just want to seek assistance and guidance on how to properly do Email Forwarding to Multiple Recipients in Outlook. We have subscribed to an Exchange Online Plan, and we access our emails via the Outlook OWA. We have one generic mailbox that we use for general inquiries, this mailbox will store a copy of the messages and forward the email messages to multiple recipients. I tried doing in on the Admin Center - but it only allows to forward to one (1) recipient. I tried Options>Mail>Accounts>Forwarding> - only allows one (1) recipient. I have read somewhere that you can do this on the Inbox and Sweep Rules, so I added a rule forwarding all messages to two(2) email address in the same domain, but it does not work. So far the only way I was able to accomplish this is by adding a Distribution List in the Groups, add the recipients, and set the DL address on the Forwarding (Options>Mail>Accounts>Forwarding>). Thank you in advance. Ice
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Using a DG would be my preferred solution too.

So far that's the only working solution. But I'm really keen to hear if anyone had done it through the Inbox & Sweep Rules. Some of the posts that I've read were implying that the Inbox & Sweep Rules is a bit buggy.

I have an issue similar in that the forwarding from the shared mailbox fails but the difference is I can add multiple addresses but it doesn't forward to any of them.  Does anybody have an answer to that???????

Did you do this within the shared mailbox with full access then:


Before you begin make sure you have Full Access and Send As access to the shared Mailbox

Connect to the shared mailbox on the web


While on the mailbox click on the settings Icon and then on Mail


Click on Inbox and sweep rules then click on the + sign


Click on Select People


Select the users that will receive the emails then click on SAVE


Click OK to Save the Rule.


works fine here (Although the option to Inbox Sweep rules does become unavailable for me from time to time.