Outlook Online Preview has no skype button

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Hi All,


A user reported that, when having preview on, there is no skype button in Outlook Online.after1.PNG




If he turns off the preview mode the skype button re-appears.




Here's the button i'm talking about:


I found out you have to search for a contact and then you can start a chat with the button "Start a conversation"








I think its due Teams..

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I Got answered by MS:

Dear Mr,
Hope this message finds you well. Thanks for contacting Microsoft Support. My name is Borja and I am the support professional who will be working with you in this service request.
I have verified what you say, when you turn the preview on, the Skype button is not in the upper right corner as always.
Take in account that the preview is in development and some of the features are not added yet. In new OWA, in the left down corner if you click on the Tasks icon, a new window is opened and you will have some of the old features available like the Skype button.
The best way to ask for those features that are missing in the new Outlook on the web is to use the feedback. When you turn the preview off, you will be asked to give feedback and if you select the option you will be redirected to
As you can verify, the first question that users are asking is “Where is Skype?” And there is an answer from developers saying they are working to offer an integrated chat experience in the new Outlook on the web and so you will be able to user chat in OWA in a near future.
Please tell me if you have any concern or question.
Thanks in advance
Best regards.

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