Outlook on the web - Move to and Archive functions do not work on search results

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Hi all. There appears to be a problem with the "Move to" and "Archive" functions on Outlook on the web, which started occurring about two days ago. They work fine when I move or archive emails from the default view on the Inbox or any other folder. However, when I make a particular search, nothing happens when I try to move or archive emails that are yielded as search results. I have already done the following, but the issue still persists:

  • Logged out and back in of my Office account
  • Switched browsers
  • Switched computers


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I've been having the same problem in Outlook for the past few days.  I tried a few work arounds but can seem to move any messages to other folders.

@acresurvey  I have the same problem in the last few days. 



Do you think anyone will notice this thread?



Hello! I am having this same problem. This is frustrating. I would like to report this through whatever bug-report channels there are. I see that there's not yet an Outlook option at the new Feedback Portal. Has anyone found where to report this? I'd be happy to report this or upvote a previous report. Thank you.

@acresurvey If more people make their voice here, and then Microsoft will hear sooner. 

It appears that this problem is fixed. I'm again able to move messages to folders and to archive messages from search results.
I agree, scottebarnett, it seems to be functioning properly now.