Outlook on the Web calendar email reminders to all attendees does not adjust for time zones

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Very frustrated users: I am still testing this feature myself since I am not a regular Outlook in the Web user ( I use Outlook 2016).  I am hoping for a quick response/fix/explanation.


From a tech savvy 0365 user:


"Just wanted to share that I discovered an unfortunate "feature" to the Outlook (web) reminder system.  The automated reminder below went to people across the country in  different time zones.  Most regrettably, Outlook hard-coded the meeting time in CST time only, leaving people in other time zones now unsure as to when the meeting was scheduled.


Instead of clarifying, it has created confusion.


This problem is related to a "feature" in Outlook (web) about which I am incredulous.  When I travel to DC, I have to manually change Outlook so that it knows that I have moved to EST.  Subsequent to changing the time zone, when I add an event to the calendar, it moves it back an hour to CST.  I have to re-edit the event so that it finally "learns" what time it is scheduled.


Sorry to jump to the complaint pulpit here, but this software discredits our communication when it behaves this way.  Any insight and suggestions would be appreciated."

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I dont recall ever being able to set the timezone field for a meeting in OWA. So I think this is "working as expected".


Looks like a good idea for the Uservoice feedback page: https://outlook.uservoice.com/forums/313228--outlook-on-the-web-office-365