Outlook on my Macbook Pro isn't syncing my gmail account (even though it thinks it is!)

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I have been using Outlook on my Macbook pro with my Gmail account for over a year with no issues. Then suddenly, it stopped syncing. Even when clicking 'sync', it goes through the process with no error messages, but it doesn't actually sync the e-mails. I need to actually quit and restart the app to sync, but it only works the one time at launch.  It also won't send an e-mail  - they just sit in the outbox, until I quit the app and restart, then they'll send.


Any ideas on how to fix?

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I am having the exact  same issues. None of the hacks such as resetting the account or reinstalling the gmail account seem to work. Like you, the only solutions I have is to quit Outlook and restart every-time but this is not sustainable. Cannot understand what is going on and have ensured that I have all the latest updates. 

Me Three! My gmail search works fine however I dont like gmail (which is why I use outlook desktop on my Mac). I also don't like the outlook online as it feels like a prettier version of gmail. Does anyone have a quick fix?
after not receiving any responses here, I initiated a customer service chat with Microsoft on this issue. They helped me for free. It was an embarrassingly easy fix. I just deleted my account from Outlook and re-added it. It worked fine afterwards.

@JonathanAttea thanks for the follow up. Yes, it has worked for me too, thank you!

I've the same problem!
When restarting outlook it works, but is not practical.