Outlook on a Mac using Firefox browser

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I wanted to add a new folder for read email called Ting. I have no add folder choice at the bottom of all the existing folders. So I thought maybe I had exhausted the number of folders I could have. I found an empty folder and tried to delete it. Instructions say to find the folder you want to delete and then right click and you will get a window with options. Select delete folder option and you are done. Except I don't get the window with the options. I got on a chat with Ravi and he/she said to change browsers, so I did and got the same result. Then Ravi said to use the private or incognito option which I did and no workie!  So then Ravi asked me to send a screen shot of the option window. That is when I ended the chat. So here I am still trying to delete a folder and create a folder.  Someone please help. Thanks

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