Outlook - Office 365 Groups show false New Email notifications

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Hi all,

I have searched and found no results regarding this extremely annoying issue.
Essentially, I have no new emails in my inbox and yet I receive the attached notification icon in my taskbar accompanied by a notification sound (as if I have received a new email).

Email Notification.PNG

When clicked on, it opens Outlook into the inbox. The notification persists until I click on EITHER of my two O365 groups.

O365 Groups.PNG

This is very distracting to my work as I have urgent and timely emails to reply to, so always click on it as soon as it appears. This notification recurs every 1-10 minutes. 

I have left and then rejoined both groups without change. I have rebuilt mail profile, and local PC profile without success. And I have discovered this issue follows me to other computers! My home PC, and multiple work PCs have exactly the same issue! I have disabled 'Follow in inbox' and other notification settings. We depend on these O365 groups for our Teams channels and only I am having this issue...

Please make it stop :(

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Not sure if you ever figured out how to stop since this is very old post. I only found when I was working on another issue.
You should be able to adjust from the Group Settings from within the Outlook Bar.