Outlook Notes and mobile devices

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Is it possible to view Notes from the Outlook client in a mobile device?



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@Mjcaron1 I ended up subscribing to AkrutoSync, which uses the home wifi to sync notes, tasks, calendar and email (I don't use the email feature though). Works great. I don't trust cloud security, so this keeps everything local

@MCG0zers akcrutosync is not in the android playstore. Are you using iphone?

I believe I downloaded it to my Windows desktop, then added the Akrutosync ID to my phone and everything synced over that way. Nothing to download on the phone. Akruto.com has the instructions. If I could figure it out, anyone can, LOL. Their support is good, too.

@MCG0zers I'll def check that out. I was starting to copy paste from sticky notes to Onenote, I'm so desperate. I linked my phone to my laptop thinking I would have an easy time of copying and pasting. HOWEVER you can not paste into Onenote. :face_with_rolling_eyes::face_with_rolling_eyes::face_with_rolling_eyes: 

All the best!

@MCG0zersyou can paste from OneNote Desktop-Version!… Try to input in the Search bar in the title-bar "open Feed" or only "Feed" (don't mix-up it with "Feedback") and login into the Feed. The yellow notes are the sticky notes. Maybe it is faster to login in into Outlook or Thunderbird (via IMAP) and copy the Notes from there. MS is exposing the Sticky Notes like eMails via IMAP-protocol.


Cheers and good luck.

Hi, @ToraxMalu, that's way to much work, LOL
AkrutoSync just syncs straight from Outlook into my phone. No copying and pasting anything.
I checked out akrutosync and didn't want to pay a monthly charge so I found an app called Tasks and Notes which has a one time charge of $4.99 with a 14 day trial. Works really well. Thanks for all your help!!

@Mjcaron1Good for you!  I used Tasks and Notes for several years, but at one point it stopped working and their support wasn't helpful.   Good luck!