Outlook Notes and mobile devices

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Is it possible to view Notes from the Outlook client in a mobile device?



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No, I don't think this is possible, it's a popular feature request on the Outlook for iOS & Android UserVoice site at least - Sync Notes for Exchange, so it's possible it will be an option at some point. Not much of an option but depending on how you use Notes, consider using OneNote instead, which works great with its own mobile apps. 


In IOS, though, the native EAS client can sync Exchange Notes with IOS Notes. 

Thank you and thank you for the link to the UserVoice entry.

Outlook Mobile for iOS\Android does not support note syncing from Outlook Desktop\OWA.

Exchange Notes should be accessible on Outlook mobile apps.

It is a feature that is available on native iOS mail client but not on Outlook app which hard to believe.

Users of Outlook mobile apps, especially from Organizations with Intune MDM implemented will benefit.

@Shong5 I concur. This functionality was on BlackBerry devices ages ago. Why it is on iOS and not on Android is beyond reason. We need integrated tasks and notes in the Outlook client.


@Kevin Hoyt I have used an app called https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.myklos.inote&hl=en-GB for years now and it syncs notes very nicely.  The issue now is the app permissions with new work 365 account, it is not authorised which is an issue but until this it was perfect and free!

I agree@David_NY ,  That Tasks app was great but then the access/permissions went crazy and after many back and forths with the App company, I gave up and figured out different ways to transfer my tasks.

Miss it though.

@Kevin Hoyt 

It used to be available. For years I was able to sync Outlook Notes with IOS as recently as July of 2020. Not sure if Apple changed or Microsoft changed. But one would think that 2 of the most popular platforms would be able to make it work somehow without having to be an Enterprise user. We commoners use them just as much as corporate users do. I have more invested with Apple than I do with MS. If they can't get it working, then Goodbye to Office.

FYI on Android the 'Microsoft Office' app from the Play Store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.microsoft.office.officehubrow&hl=en&gl=US) has a 'Notes' option. This shows the EAS Notes, which also appears in various MS365 apps in the 'OneNote Feed'. When you add notes to the 'OneNote Feed' they are added to the EAS Notes associated with outlook.com (at least with a paid MS365 subscription).


In fact recent notes appear on the 'Home' page of the 'Microsoft Office' app on Android.


P.S. Apologies for 'necro posting' but this particular article is high in search rankings for the topic of accessing notes from Outlook on Android, so I thought it would be useful to add this note.

I have to say overall Outlook for Android/IOS is very disappointing. Some key items I find that are missing in other well-written email apps:
1. Doesn't cache/pre-load emails so when you go to open an email you have to wait for it to download, other email apps I use give you the option to pre-load a certain data size or just the text portion.
2. I can't find a way to swipe/move between emails, you can swipe to delete but I can't find a way to go up and down in the message list without going back to the Inbox
3. As you say Notes are missing, so are Contacts, and while Contacts might seem redundant it really isn't because I've seen apps not properly sync to the Android Contacts folder, I would like to be able to see the Contact list and not have to search every time.
4. It doesn't have advanced notification and filtering options. Since a lot of Outlook users are business users many of us are on call 24x7 and being able to have the app stay silent after hours but be able to wake/nag/alarm for certain emails is a key feature that is lacking and is present in other email apps.

Honestly to me I give it 2 stars out of 5, it's usable, but barely...
Exactly! I kept the BlackBerry Hub app (for a whopping $1.46/mo CAD), but it has recently developed problems with the sync function, making the sync quite unreliable. So I thought I would just switch over to the Outlook app (which is OK - barely - for email and calendar), but then I need "ToDo" for Tasks, Simple Contacts Pro for Contacts (and their developer advises that I need Akruto or DAVx⁵ in order for them to sync properly!), and I'm still looking for something to use for "Notes" (since OneNote is about the most user-unfriendly program I've ever seen). VERY VERY disappointing.
Maybe I am a little bit late to the game, but there are still ways to access the notes via Android and even for Windos 10+.

Microsoft call Outlook Notes also “Notes” or “Sticky notes”.
On Android Microsoft developed a remarkable Launcher. Yes, it replaces the system launcher, but brings on the feed page a module for sticky notes – similar to the sticky notes app on Windows. It displays and saves the notes into the Microsoft- or 365-account.

2nd way is OneNote on mobile phones. There is a feed-view, where the sticky notes are displayed and also created (hides behind the 3 dot-menu on the bottom bar).

On Windows 10 and 11 you can take access via the app “Microsoft Sticky Notes” – it safes the notes as Outlook Notes into an Microsoft- or 365-account. How far this is similar on Exchange, you’ve to test.

The 2nd way on Windows is OneNote as Desktop-Variant. There the sticky notes / outlook notes can be found in the “feed” and also managed.

The alternate route to the sticky notes from your Outlook-Account is not satisfying, but gives an access…

Hi @LightGuy48,


>3. As you say Notes are missing, so are Contacts, and while Contacts might seem redundant it >really isn't because I've seen apps not properly sync to the Android Contacts folder, I would like >to be able to see the Contact list and not have to search every time.


you CAN see Contacts in Outlook for Android.



@ToraxMalu @Victor Ivanidze

This is a years old thread. Matters have improved since it was written. Ideally the thread will be closed by @Kevin Hoyt . In any event I will stop following because the necro-post responses, I don't find very helpful.



I have recently moved to a MS Exchange service. The provider recommended syncing my account with the Gmail app on Android. I have done this and it seems to work pretty well - Contacts and Calendar Google apps sync with my MS Exch email acct. But there are still no Notes. I think I'd be happy with a way to just copy the Notes (not sync both ways) down to the Android device(s). Does anyone know of a nice, easy way to do this - preferably in line with the existing solution of syncing MS Exch >> Google (Mail, Contacts and Calendar)?


People seem to be calling this thread dead (I'm not sure what a necro-post is... is mine? :smile: ). For me this seems still to be an issue. The Outlook app for Android still seems very disappointing and I don't understand it's relationship to MS365, to which I have a paid subscription.

@Ted_Davis  Hi,  ended up going with AkrutoSYNC, which syncs between my desktop and phone, not using cloud.

Apparently Outlook LITE from Microsoft can access Notes folder from Exchange/365.
Ya but it does not import existing notes.