Outlook not showing recipient name from email header

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I'm a software developer doing a lot of work with DocuSign.  I generate DocuSign requests and DocuSign emails the requests to my email address so I can do testing.  When I generate a request I always use a fake name (I'm partial to the Abe Lincoln family) but my real email address.  That way when I get the email, I know which "identity" I should be testing under.


This was all working great for several years, but it seems recently (maybe in the past week or so), even though the email header says: To: "Abe Lincoln" <email address removed for privacy reasons>, Outlook (2016) displays my name in the received email.


Screenshot 2023-07-25 175938.png


The email address I'm using is hosted on Microsoft 365.


I don't know if this is an update to Outlook (I just noticed the new scheduling poll button), a setting change I made, or some new security setting.  But it really makes testing harder when I don't know immediately which recipient should be filling out and signing the document.


Is there a way to always show the name found in the email header even though the actual email address is mine?


Please let me know if you have any questions or need more information.




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I did a little more testing.  I sent a request to DocuSign where the recipient was Abe Lincoln, but I used a non-M365 email account I could access via iPhone, web mail, or Outlook (on a different computer than the one I'm seeing the issue).  When DocuSign sent the email request to "Abe", his name was displayed as the recipient.


This is what I'm seeing in the browser looking at web mail.

Webmail - Screenshot 2023-07-26 134146.png


And this is what that email looks like in Outlook.

Outlook - Screenshot 2023-07-26 134811.png

When I use a M365 account and view the email in Outlook.com, it looks like M365 is messing with the recipient's name -- it should say To: Abe Lincoln.

M365-Screenshot 2023-07-26 140545.png


Is there a setting somewhere that prevents M365/Outlook from changing the recipient's name as received by the email server?