Outlook not opening and prompting for safe mode after latest update to monthly release

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Users have started reporting issues loading Outlook after recent targeted release update. Getting safe mode prompt and still will not open. Repairing does not fix it.

Solution for me to fix the issue. Go to mail profile option in control panel and change the profile to prompt for profile to be used. Click on. Open outlook. Once open you can change it back. More to come as I hear from support guys on if issue is indeed fixed for others.

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This is starting to spread like wild fire through my organization, not sure the cause yet, but it's not everyone so might be something with Sophos AV or some combo of hardware it's on, still researching. 



I had exactly the same issue updating to 1806 (10205.20008) and used, quite surprisingly, the same cure.  Time to do some reporting, methinks…  If any of these folks are on an Insider release channel, please consider using the Support feature to report the issue.

Yeah, glad to see someone reply with same issue! I just go lucky and took a whim cause I was going to just setup a new profile, then thought, na that couldn't work, but it sure did! lol. Trying to find a way to set that setting in registry to mitigate issue via GPO right now.
Well, just found out you don't even have to save or change any settings, just opening the mail setting screen period fixes it.
Just on standard Monthly release setting.
Great, this is breaking other office apps randomly now too, entire company is affected, this is not cool........I don't see how this isn't blowing up on the web today besides me... lol.
Ok, so found a MIcrosoft work around for other apps crashing. Seems to be some people get the Outlook issue only, but if apps are crashing here is the fix for that:


Deleting four entries from registry solved the problem for me, but I have some users affected , hope MS give us a fix tomorrow :


@Deleted, thanks for posting this and the info from Microsoft.  I'll hold on to this as I had several users who couldn't open Outlook or Word and a couple with Excel as well.  It was driving me crazy as they are on two different Office releases (Monthly Channel & Office Insider) two version of Win 10 (Version 1709 and 1803) and different hardware.



Thanks for posting this as a lot of users from across the globe are reporting this issue in our organization...


Will try the fix given in the article....




Robin Nishad

Thank you very much for the information, a user reported this to me today, and I found this through a Google search.