Outlook no muestra búsqueda en relacionados

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Después de actualizar a Outlook versión 16.0.14527.20270, buscar mediante la Buscar relacionados opción no muestra ningún resultado. Esto se aplica a los siguientes problema: Buscar mensajes relacionados en esta conversación, Buscar mensajes relacionados del remitente

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Tengo exactamente el mismo problema desde hoy..... por favor si alguien haya la solución escribirme a gpino@ventasgp.com

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Hi, I completed a quick test on my computer and found no issues with the Find Related in Conversation feature. I also have the latest Outlook Window version.


As an alternative, you can try the Show as Conversation feature.  This feature also groups all related conversations. I also recommend choosing "all mailboxes," which include conversations in the inbox, sent, and other folders based on the title.




In the past, users also reported that the grouping failed when the subject line has trailing spaces.  






Same problem here with the version

Microsoft® Outlook® para Microsoft 365 MSO (versión 2110 compilación 16.0.14527.20270 de 64 bit


the problem seems the lack of "[" "]" example when you perform a request about serching by related emails apear this text on the box

Conversación:="this is a test"


[Conversación]:="this is a test"


If you complete manualy [ ] the seach is working fine.


Jose R