Outlook: my emails are not there anymore

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Hi, since yesterday, all my emails have disapeared. and when i open a folder in my archives, the email appear for one second, then disapear. 

I use a French provider names @free.fr; which in turn use a Zimbra platform. 


any idea of what I could do yo solve this (catastrophic) issue ?

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@bertrandFVT  I am having the same problem.  I can see a list of emails and I don't even have to click on them to watch them disappear.  I can't figure out where they're going. I don't know if they are being deleted or if they are moving to another folder but I can't find them.  I searched HELP on outlook and noticed this was happening on IMAP accounts in 2019 through Yahoo but it says the problem has been fixed.  (my email is through att.)  If anyone knows what to do, can you please share the fix with me?  Thanks in advance!  

I am having the exact same problem and I;n totally lost as to how to recover the email and the fix the problem.