Outlook multiple issues (sync, outbox, autocomplete, ...)

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Good Day,


Outlook is driving me crazy...

It's the third time on the same computer, first time I recreated the whole profile, second time formatted the laptop and reinstalled outlook with a new profile, and it happened again.


After some time outlook is running, usually between 2 and 5 minutes, when creating a new email autocompletion is no more working (not suggesting the recent contacts), when sending an email, all the outbound emails are stuck in the outbox until I run a manual send&receive. It happens that some sent email is not being saved in the sent folder but just disappear, also when reading an email is no more marked as read, I have to manually select the email and mark it as read...


On top of that... I happens (usually on slow network connection), that outlook goes in not responding when switching from one email account to the other (ost to ost) for 10/15 seconds..


It looks like there is some sync/background process that just stop working after some time...


Any idea?





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